Complete Interior Design

An interior from Mark Alexander is an artistic pursuit, created in close collaboration with each client to completely understand their vision, this particular client wanted a warm French elegance added to her
home. Every element was exclusively designed to meet the client’s individual needs and expectations and close attention was paid to every intricate detail.

Hand Crafted Custom Furniture

From an early age Mark Alexander displayed a natural talent for art, style, drawing and woodwork. He excelled in his French Polishing and furniture
manufacturing training – regularly earning top honors for his original and detailed woodwork. Mark not only understand interiors but he has a deep
history in furniture manufacturing and personally oversees each and every piece to ensure perfection is met.

Unique Features & Finishes

While every interior and project will be different, our four-stage design process will take you on a creative and artistic journey, working intimately alongside Mark
Alexander and our team of passionate designers every step of the way. Mark will explore unique and custom design for you and your home to create something
truly special for your family to enjoy for years to come, adding Modern touches or Parisian Elegance as showcased here.

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Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


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