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This home was a collaboration of softer French and contemporary modern classics with the clients themed tastes for specialised furniture standing alone. Signature items made into singularly special assorted room arrangements. To change the moods and feels of their daily living, making their home a resting point in time.

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Combining classic romance and the charm of Paris, this home was the perfect balance of softer French elements with contemporary modern classics. Mark Alexander worked with these homeowners to retain the rich history and classic glamour of France and create a space that exudes effortless sophistication. Enhancing the open floorplan with striking fabrics, rugs and wallpapers resulted in an elegant, restful home. Mark Alexander came to this blank canvas and unleashed his design with hand-drawn sketches that the clients approved every step of the way. The timeless French style will look striking for decades to come in this gorgeous family home.

The clients love the specialised, handcrafted furniture from Mark Alexander and had a preference to have it stand alone in the space. These signature items make the home contemporary, soft and stylish. Mark Alexander blended elements of Rococo, modern Parisian stylings and contemporary Western living to seamlessly create a chic palette. The rich textiles and statement lighting match perfectly with the wallpapers, statement marble and deep purple mosaic tiles.

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