The Perfect Wall Unit, Designed for You by Mark Alexander

With over 30 years of experience in the luxury interior design and custom made furniture design industry, Mark Alexander has made a name for himself as a top Australian designer and luxury furniture craftsman. His approach to design is rooted in his obsession with quality pieces, otherworldly luxury and the creation of bespoke home and custom furniture designs. In the instance of Mark’s wall units, display cabinets, custom bookcases, Library cases and wine display units, you can expect the same attention to detail. You can be certain that your wall unit or bookcase will be like no other.

Luxurious Styles and Exceptional Design

Mark Alexander’s style starts with the word luxury. With that established you can select a wall unit or bookcase in a style which is a modern, classical, neo-classic, Art Deco, Victorian, European, Georgian, French, gilded, Roman, Empire or whatever else Mark can manifest from is vastly creative imagination. The creation of a statement wall unit, display cabinet or bookcase is carefully considered by Mark and the design is meticulously planned throughout each design stage. Your custom made wall unit or bookcase will be nothing short of a work of art in your home.

Luxurious Finishes

What is luxury without exceptional finishes? A wall unit, display cabinet, library or bookcase simply will not make the impact in your home that you hoped for if the finishes aren’t perfect. Mark’s local and international craftsmen are masters of their trade, so you can be sure that your unique furniture will meet your expectations. Mark offers everything from Walnut, Oak, Australian Timber, Mahogany and European beech for his solid timbers; to Flame Mahogany, Burl Walnut and Macassar timber veneers. More still, gilding and metal details are available in chrome, stainless steel, brass, bronze, silver, copper or rose gold with luxury joinery and superb craftsmanship assured.

Luxurious Quality

Mark’s creative process is incredibly hands-on. From client meetings, hand-drawn concept and design sketches, to overseeing the creation of each unique piece of furniture, you know that you are getting the luxury quality Mark promises. With regular quality control checks, Mark is able to ensure that every single piece of custom furniture, your wall unit included meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. Your bespoke Mark Alexander furniture is made to last and will look good for many years to come.

Mark Alexander approaches each client as an individual. With special emphasis on listening to and understanding the needs of each client, he ensures that he captures the mood, style, character and lifestyle of each person and the home they want to live in. Combined with a meticulous design process, he is able to deliver highly customised, high-end pieces of furniture which are in fact works of art. For more information, advice, or to make an appointment to find the perfect custom made wall unit, bookcase or display cabinet to meet your needs, get in touch with us now.

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