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This home was driven by the dynamic and dramatic wealth of colours of the true Victorian, English Buckingham Palace period, rather than the Australian Victorian style of muted colonial colours. As an artist only to find the vision from picture after completion. The celebration of extravagance of details, colour & skill.

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Imagine luxurious hand-pressed velvet from France, feature furniture and décor pieces finished in gold gild. All combined with contemporary elements to create an opulent and warm interior. That is what Mark Alexander brought to life in this home, inspired by the regal and ornate European mansions of the Victorian era.

Our clients discussed in depth their vision with Mark Alexander, who then sketched his ideas and collaborated with the clients every step of the way to produce a Victorian home fit for royalty. Dramatic colours and textiles like luscious velvet, coat the room. Heavy drapes and rich coloured tassels adorn the windows. These furniture pieces cannot be found anywhere else. Mark Alexander personally designed and produced these items, based on classic Victorian furniture to truly capture the style. Décor items finished in a gold gild and a feature chandelier complete the elegance and grandeur in the home. Extra attention and detail were given to the walls with exclusive hand-pressed velvet wallpaper chosen by the client and guided personally by Mark. The intricate room showcases warmth and comfort whilst being a celebration of the extravagate décor, details and colours.

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