The Perfect Designer Chair, Designed for You by Mark Alexander

Australia’s leading luxury interior designer and custom furniture craftsman, Mark Alexander, has built his career over 30 years by offering a complete design service along with the added benefit of luxury handcrafted and custom-made quality furniture. Extensive experience in luxury furniture has added to Mark’s design inspiration and formidable design heritage. An impressive section of his portfolio is dedicated to chairs. Having designed every manner of wingback chairs, occasional chairs and dining room chairs, you are certain to find the right fit for your home and family contact us to have a unique chair designed for you.

Luxurious Styles

Mark Alexander’s repertoire of chairs is vast thanks to his considerable interior design and furniture design experience. He draws his inspiration from Art Deco, French Louis, Modern and Contemporary styling, amongst others. Your design choices range from Italian leather and Chesterfield styles, to claw feet, French gilded, diamond buttons and everything in between. The perfect occasional dining and wingback style chair already exists, in Mark’s portfolio or his imagination.

Luxurious Finishes

Without skipping a beat, Mark moves from an intricate design framework to impeccable finishing. If you neglect the design details and luxury finishes, your chair may as well be store-bought. Using only the highest quality designer fabrics from Europe and throughout Australia, specialist wood, fine detailing and fine upholstery finishes, your chairs go from brilliant designs to impeccable works of art.

Luxurious Quality

What is the perfect chair without lasting quality? Mark’s eye for detail extends ever further, beyond his intricate designs and his exceptional finishes, his chairs are also of the quality you would expect from only the best furniture makers. Weaving together his love for furniture craftsmanship and upholstery, Mark knows exactly what it takes to make furniture that lasts. After all, with all that effort put into conceptualising, designing, finishing and producing your chair, it would all go to waste if it didn’t stand the test of time. Your favourite chair will be a hero piece and remain your favourite for years to come.

Our service all begins with a consultation in order to get to know you. Whether you would like to meet us in one of our offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Ballarat or even in your own home, we make sure that your home and furniture is styled using a combination of  your personality and lifestyle to ensure your home becomes your haven. For more information or if you have queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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