The Mark Alexander Design Artistry Process

To bring your unique vision to life, we’ll guide you through our meticulous design process and take the time to listen and understand your exact needs, specifications and preferences including size, shape, style, colours and materials, as well as the mood, theme, character and functionality.

While every interior and project will be different, our four-stage design process will take you on a creative and artistic journey, working intimately alongside Mark Alexander and our team of passionate designers every step of the way.

Introductory Consultation

We begin with an introductory in-home consultation, to immerse ourselves in your world and have an in-depth discussion to uncover and understand your ideas, aspirations and expectations. We’ll personally survey the space/s and discuss timeframes and budgets. From this meeting we’ll provide an itemised proposal and cost estimate for your review and approval.

Planning and Artistry

Once the proposal has been accepted, we unleash the full creative and artistic genius of Mark Alexander. You’ll see hand-drawn concept sketches, examples of finishes and fabrics and a complete project plans and schedules. We invite your feedback and collaboration at every stage to ensure your ultimate satisfaction as we strive for absolute perfection.

Production Phase

In this stage we begin to see your vision, our designs and plans finally come to life! Mark Alexander will personally oversee our local and international craftsmen, who are masters in their trade, as they manufacture all of your furniture. You will be provided with progress photos and updates and we’ll conduct regular quality control checks to ensure all the agreed specifications are correct.

Delivery and Fit Out

The final and most exciting stage begins with an inspection of the finished product/s, and photos sent to you. Next comes the carefully planned delivery and most importantly the placement, fit out and styling of all the elements, ready for you to enjoy and share with family and friends for generations to come.

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Contemporary Luxury Interiors & Furniture

Mark Alexander Design Artistry is a luxury interior design studio offering a complete range of services, under the direction of Mark Alexander, a highly respected and talented furniture designer and artist with 30-years of experience delivering luxury interiors and handcrafted furniture for both residential and commercial projects in Australia and overseas.

Mark Alexander Design Artistry combines style, creativity, functionality, and an established background in luxury furniture production to deliver highly customised, confident and sophisticated living spaces, in a variety of classic, contemporary and modern styles including Victorian, Art Deco, French and more.

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