Opulent Custom Living

Every interior by Mark Alexander Design Artistry is an original, multilayered work of art. Inspired but not bound by the latest trends and feature beautiful custom-made furniture of the highest quality to create inspiring and captivating rooms in a range of classic and contemporary styles, to suit you and your unique requirements.

Hand Crafted Luxury Furniture

Mark Alexander personally designs and follows each custom furniture piece from start to finish, overseeing our local and international craftsmen, who are true
masters in their trade. You will be provided with progress photos and updates and Mark personally conducts regular quality control checks to ensure perfection
is met.

Unique Features & Finishes

More than ensuring each piece is conceptualised, finished and manufactured to only the highest standard, Mark designs each piece specifically with you in
mind. Your personal style, lifestyle, family and home all need to be taken into account, resulting in luxury furniture that are true works of art.

Elegant Custom Designs

Mark’s penchant for detail, luxury and meticulous design leaves nothing to chance, your furniture is finished to the highest standard only. With unique details and finishes available to suit you and your home perfectly.

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Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


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