Bespoke Interior Creations

An exquisite, contemporary full interior by Mark Alexander Design. Taking inspiration from Art Deco influence, combining modern simplicity and functionality.
Join us on a detailed journey from hand drawn sketches, imaginings and concepts through to an uncompromising finish, resulting in a stunning family home, exuding unique style, luxury and sophistication. Each element of design though to manufacture is carefully considered, ensuring a flawless, bespoke transformation from imagination to reality.

Modern Contemporary influence
meets Art Deco elegance

Through Artistry, dreams become reality

Transforming this house into a magnificent home was a collaborative process Mark Alexander worked closely with our clients, craftsmen and artisans to achieve perfection and exceed expectation.

Modern, monochromatic sophistication is complimented by dazzling jewel tones, colourful patterns and luscious textures, recognising and enhancing the ingenuity of Art Deco influence throughout.

Each room has been precisely curated and created to represent the originality of our clients, with Mark Alexander adapting artistry in each creative conception.

At Mark Alexander Design- Our vision is to artfully assist, encourage and create the home of your dreams.

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