Sumptuous Decadence

An artful design by Mark Alexander combining our client’s appreciation of fine wines, sound and entertainment in a breathtaking room.

This retreat was designed as the ultimate escape to luxury, decadence and comfort.

Complete with shelving in solid Oak, Italian leather accents, feature lighting and majestic handcut parquetry, this room exudes stunning ambience from floor to ceiling.

Created by Mark Alexander’s artisan craftsmen, combining premium materials with enduring style.

Mark has provided dedication to every detail and taken this space from dream to

“The building could fall down, I wouldn’t know and it doesn’t matter”
– Our client immersed in the lavish surroundings of his new room.

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Custom made
Curated to Perfection

This room was composed by Mark Alexander in collaboration with our clients, bringing to life their unique style and personality. With importance on maximizing comfort, luxury and longevity.

Without limitation, Mark Alexander is able to produce interiors such as this room, understanding unique vision with uncompromised dedication and detail. Adapting his touch to contemporary and classic projects.

At Mark Alexander Design Artistry- Our aim is to evoke emotion, ambience and atmosphere in everything we create.

Explore design possibilities for a magnificent result. Arrange a personlised in home consultation with one of our designers.

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