Why is it hard to find beautiful, large dining tables in Australia?

The Australian furniture market is a vibrant and diverse space. Yet, finding those grand, beautiful large dining tables in Australia can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. But why’s that? Let’s delve in and uncover this mystery.

Australia’s Unique Landscape and Challenges

Australia’s sprawling landscapes are as beautiful as they are vast. But this grandeur brings its own set of challenges.

  • Geographical Constraints: Transporting goods, especially something as hefty as large dining tables, across the distance of Australian land can be difficult. Plus, certain regions might not always have the raw materials needed right on hand.
  • Environmental Considerations: Australian weather can be pretty unpredictable. This necessitates the creation of furniture that’s not just elegant but resilient too. And, given Aussy’s love for the environment, there’s a growing desire for eco-friendly furniture options. This sometimes means opting for designs that are more sustainable.

Economic Factors

Every economy has its sets of challenges, and Australia is no exception:

  • High Import Costs: Australia is nestled quite a distance from some of the world’s major furniture hubs. This means bringing in a table from, say, Scandinavia or Italy, can increase the cost, thanks to transport and those unavoidable tariffs and taxes.
  • Domestic Production Limitations: Crafting furniture locally is great for quality control. However, it’s not always the most cost-effective route, especially given the high manufacturing costs we face. Furthermore, many of our local furniture producers often focus on more compact, scalable designs rather than large dining tables.

Solutions and Alternatives

In our quest for the perfect dining table, there are several potential solutions:

  • Custom Furniture: One word – bespoke. Tailored furniture, especially large dining tables, can be the answer to specific needs. Our local artisans, with their deft hands and keen eyes, possess the magic to whip up pieces that mirror individual tastes.
  • Exploring International Marketplaces: We live in a connected world. Platforms that specialize in ferrying furniture from overseas have made it easier than ever to bring global designs right to our Australian homes.
  • Supporting Local Industries: There’s untapped potential right in our backyard. By championing our local artisans and businesses, not only do we foster the community spirit, but we also fuel the flames of unique, authentic Australian craftsmanship.


Australia’s furniture landscape is diverse, influenced by both local nuances and global trends. Large dining tables, while sometimes elusive, are very much a part of this tapestry. By embracing our potential solutions we can find pieces that resonate with our needs, all while championing quality and sustainability. Click here to check out the large dining tables made by the hands of interior designer Mark Alexander.

Image Source: Large Round Dining Table With Unique Base

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