What is Neoclassical Interior Design?

When discussing Neoclassical Interior Design we are exploring a style that beautifully combines elegance, with opulence. This design aesthetic, famous for its symmetry and sophisticated color palette can trace its origins back to the 19th century. It pays homage to the splendor of Greek and Roman art and architecture while remaining timeless in its appeal.

Key Characteristics of Neoclassical Design

Let’s delve into the defining features that characterize the Neoclassical design:

  • Symmetry and Balance: Symmetry is not simply a design choice, in Neoclassical Interior Design, it is a principle. The careful arrangement and strategic placement of furniture draw inspiration from architecture. This sense of balance brings about a serene atmosphere to any space.
  • Color Palette: Imagine entering a room adorned with tones occasionally punctuated by bursts of bold colors and shimmering gilt details. The Neoclassical style is all about creating a serene yet opulent atmosphere.
  • Architectural Elements: In Neoclassical interiors, columns, friezes and cornices are not decorative embellishments, they play an integral role in the overall design by evoking grandeur and scale. Elaborate moldings and ceiling medallions often take stage showcasing craftsmanship.
  • Furniture and Decor: Neoclassical furniture is known for its simplicity and the use of premium materials, like mahogany and marble. The decorative arts also play a role with urns, vases and statuary making a bold statement.
  • Textile and fabrics: Textiles and fabrics in Neoclassical spaces reflect the opulence of the era. Think of fabrics such as silk, velvet and brocade that exude both comfort and luxury. 


To summarize Neoclassical Interior Design goes beyond aesthetics, it is a reflection of history, art and timeless beauty. As this style continues to evolve it serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of elegance in our world.

If you are interested in redesigning your home with the Neoclassical Interior Design style click here to schedule a consultation with professional interior designer Mark Alexander.

Image Source: https://www.markalexanderdesign.com.au/artistry/neoclassical-interior/

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