What is Modernist Interior Design?

The captivating world of Modernist Interior design, born out of the revolutionary Modernist movement that began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this design philosophy prioritizes form following function. From the artistic realms of Europe, this style seamlessly transitioned into the heart of our homes, profoundly shaping the way we perceive and design our interiors with the guidance of an interior designer.

Principles of Modernist Interior Design

Let’s dive into the key principles of Modernist Interior Design:

  • Functionality: Modernist Interior isn’t about packing a room with decor; it’s about crafting interiors that resonate with functionality, reflecting a vision of an interior designer. 
  • Simplicity: In Modernist Interior, the beauty is in the simplicity— a room free from unnecessary details, yet full of purpose.
  • Clean Lines and Geometric Forms: Picture this: a room defined by straight lines, simple geometric shapes, and an unspoken elegance. 
  • Uncluttered Spaces: Think of an open canvas, waiting to be painted with only the most essential strokes. Spaces that breathe, tell a story, and give you room to think—that’s the magic of uncluttered interior design.

Key Features of Modernist Interiors

The key features of Modernist Interiors include:

  • Neutral Palette: Modernist Interiors works with a base palette. There’s a sense of serenity, punctuated by bold color accents that surprise and delight.
  • Open Floor Plans: Modernist Interior takes advantage of openness, fluidly integrating living, dining, and kitchen spaces. It’s all about creating harmonious environments with the guidance of an interior designer. 
  • Natural Light: With large windows, sometimes even entire walls of glass, skylights, and clever design, natural light floods Modernist interiors.
  • Art and Décor: In Modernist Interior spaces, art isn’t just decoration—it’s a conversation. Abstract sculptures, paintings, and a few carefully chosen decorative items often take center stage, each telling its own story.


Modernist Interior design isn’t just about creating spaces, it’s about curating experiences. By striking a harmonious balance between the past and present, Modernist Interior embodies a design continuum that’s as relevant today as it was in its inception. 

If you’re ready to adopt a Modernist Interior style, click here to request a consultation from professional interior designer Mark Alexander. 

Image Source: Contemporary Bayside Living

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