What is Modern Parisian Chic Interior Design?

So what is a Modern Parisian Chic Interior? And what does it take to find a Parisian Interior Designer? Well, Paris, the City of Lights isn’t just known for its romantic boulevards and delectable pastries. Dive deep, and you’ll find its essence subtly embedded in the heart of its interior design. Over the years, Parisian interior design has gracefully evolved, marrying traditional elegance with fresh contemporary touches. It’s this delicate balance that defines Modern Parisian Chic.

Key Characteristics of Modern Parisian Chic Interior Design

Let’s dive into the key characteristics of Modern Parisian Chic:

  • Neutral Palette : Think of a classic Parisian interior of an apartment. The walls and furniture of the interior are bathed in neutral, subtle colors.
  • Interior Design Details: Parisians have a knack for preserving the old while embracing the new. The timeless charm of ceiling chandeliers, and chic window dressing still finds a place amidst modern interior aesthetics.
  • Mix of Old and New:  19th-century dining chairs paired with a sleek parisian style dining table along side a modern neutral coloured sofa. This is quintessentially a Modern Parisian Chic Interior.
  • Statement Art: Walk into a Parisian home and art beckons. Whether it’s in the form of a decorative glided wall mirror or a coffee table with a chic parisian lamp. Parisians’ love for art is evident. And in Modern Parisian Chic, art isn’t just decoration; it’s a reflection of the soul.
  • Casual Elegance: If there’s one thing Parisians have mastered, it’s the art of casual elegance. It’s about creating spaces that are sophisticated yet relaxed, interiors that invite you to both celebrate and unwind.
  • Open Spaces: Modern Parisian Chic believes in the mantra – less is indeed more. It’s about creating open, breathable interiors where every piece of decor is chosen with thought, adding to the story rather than cluttering it.


As you step into the world of Parisian interiors, remember it’s not about recreating a look from a magazine. It’s about merging history with modernity, finding beauty in imperfections, and above all, making the space uniquely your interior. 

Want professional help from an Interior Designer to implement the Modern Parisian Chic in your home? Click here to request a consultation from interior designer Mark Alexander. 

Image Source: Cosmopolitan Classic Contemporary

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