Mount Eliza Villa

A French style home with contemporary elegance in a comfortable and livable open plan space. Brought to life with bespoke furniture pieces individually tailored in elegant palettes.

Bespoke Living & Dining

Parquetry dining table in a dark Oak colour complimented with a classic oval back French Louis XVI dining chair and coordinating kitchen stool. Sumptuous floor rugs create a break between the dark Oaks and seamlessly connect the spaces.

Everyday Comfort

Each bespoke piece is crafted to suit you and finished to the highest quality. Utilizing premium materials and finishes with solid timbers to ensure comfort and optimal strength. Every furniture piece and luxury interior design is meticulously planned and produced, resulting in gorgeous and practical designs.

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Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Round Bar


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