How Australian Custom Made Furniture beats Overseas lead times 

Source: Australian Made Luxury Curved Sofa

In the hustle and bustle of interior design, you’ve probably come across the debate about Australian custom made furniture versus overseas furniture. Whether it is a question of design, quality, or manufacturing efficiency, there are opinions on both sides. 

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look and show you how Australian Custom Made Furniture is better when it comes to lead times, especially in the context of manufacturing. 

What is Lead Times?

First, let’s start by defining lead times. It is a simple definition, and understanding it can make your furniture shopping experience easier. 

Lead times refer to the amount of time that passes between placing an order and receiving the finished piece of furniture. It is like a “countdown clock” from the moment you click ‘buy’ to the moment you receive the furniture in your home.

If you’ve ever waited weeks or even months for a piece of furniture, you know the frustration. The good news is that Australian custom made furniture will have a faster lead time when compared to overseas manufacturing lead times. 

Australian Made: Quality, Speed, and Personal Touch

If you choose Australian made furniture, you’ll probably not have to deal with extensive waiting periods. Commonly, Australian pieces will reach your home in just a fraction of the time.

Also, the advantage of Australian made furniture doesn’t just lie in the speed of delivery. Australian furniture makers are known for their attention to detail and high-quality standards.

By sourcing materials locally and cutting out long international manufacturing and shipping times, Australian craftsmen can quickly adapt to your needs and even make last-minute adjustments. 

Going local also has its green advantages. Australian furniture tends to have a lower carbon footprint because there’s no need to ship products across oceans. 


So next time you’re pondering over that piece of furniture from overseas, remember: Australian custom made furniture doesn’t just give you quality. It also gives you time. Choosing local can align quality, speed, and sustainability in the manufacturing of your next piece. 

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