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Mark Alexander is constantly asked how he designs such creative, personal and luxurious interior and furniture pieces that suit the home and the client so well. Each individual interior and furniture piece by Mark Alexander Design is specifically designed to suit the client and their home perfectly.

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In this video Mark shares his insights and how he visualises where the furniture is going to go in the home and how he blends the inspiration into these designs. Mark begins by being inspired by the space and interior features, the fireplace holds stunning architectural features and shapes which begin the inspiration for the “Chanel” sideboard design.

Architectural Inspiration

Sharing various drawing tips and the process of his creative mind, Mark reveals the design process of this sideboard from start to finish. Drawing inspiration from various architectural features and creating a stunning and balanced furniture design.

From Eye To Hand To Heart

Each piece by Mark Alexander Design is uniquely designed like this sideboard to suit individual clients and their homes. Every piece is a true work of art and a stunning addition to the interior it is specifically created for.

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Partridge Bar Stool


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