Brisbane’s Best, catching up to Melbourne and Sydney for Interior Design Fame

Source: Grand Classical Queensland Living

Australian cities Melbourne and Sydney have always held the spotlight when it comes to interior design. Now, Brisbane is starting to catch up, with designers from Melbourne and Sydney expanding their talent interstate. Mark Alexander, who is applying his talent in Brisbane this week, is an example of this movement.

The story does not end here. Brisbane is starting to become a nexus for grand scale projects as property prices and investments in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are soaring. 

Here is what you need to know about this transformation:

  • A growing scale in design projects: as Brisbane’s and the Gold Coast’s property markets thrive, interior design projects in these regions are growing in scale. From expansive commercial spaces to luxurious residential properties, designers are taking on more significant challenges. 
  • Interstate collaboration: Brisbane is becoming a hub for creative minds from Melbourne to Sydney, as designers are working together on interstate projects. This collaboration is not only increasing the flow of ideas but also contributing to a rich blend of styles and approaches. 
  • The thriving market: the design market in Brisbane is growing over the years. So, it’s no wonder that businesses and homeowners are investing in interior design. They’re recognizing the value, and using it to create spaces and environments that reflect their personality.
  • A commitment to sustainability: the city’s designers are weaving sustainability into the fabric of their work. There’s been an increase in the usage of eco-friendly materials in recent projects. Today, sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a commitment. It’s all about a new vision that resonates with many Australian Interior Designers.
  • A rich culture reflected in designs: Brisbane’s rich culture and art scene are reflecting beautifully in the designs. From Indigenous art inspirations to the subtropical climate’s influence, Brisbane’s designs are unique and fascinating. You can see it in the spaces. They tell a story.
  • Awards and recognition: Brisbane’s designers are starting to get noticed. Awards and recognition are flowing in. Brisbane designers are scoring national awards


Brisbane’s growth in the interior design industry is creating a new identity for the city. The soaring property prices and investments, coupled with the talent of successful Australian designers, are allowing Brisbane to take on projects that are larger and more influential.

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