Best Curved Sofas In Australia For 2024

The allure of curved sofas has steadily risen in home decor, captivating homeowners with their elegant lines and unique shapes. These pieces not only serve as comfortable seating options but also as artistic statements that enhance the aesthetic of any living space. In 2024, the significance of selecting the right sofa extends beyond mere appearance. It encompasses comfort, functionality, and how well it fits within the spatial dynamics of a room. Keep reading to discover the best curved sofas in Australia for 2024.

Best Curved Sofas in Australia for 2024

In this section, we’re going to show you our top picks for 2024.

1 – Mid Century Minimalist Curved Sofa

Curved Sofa

In the search for Australia’s finest curved sofas, attention gravitates towards designs that marry practicality with custom elegance. The Mid Century Minimalist Curved Sofa stands out as a prime example, elevating a penthouse to a tranquil retreat bathed in light. Interior designer Mark Alexander skillfully merges minimalist aesthetics with contemporary comfort, making the sofa more than mere furniture – it becomes an integral element of the home’s identity, amplifying spatial and luminous harmony.

2 – Bespoke Luxury Curved Modular Sofa

Curved Modular Sofa

The Bespoke Luxury Curved Modular Sofa exemplifies custom luxury, meticulously designed for daily family use. Its elegant contours and detailed craftsmanship, highlighted by a fixed backrest and piping, underscore its quality. Upholstered in luxurious velvets, this Australian-made piece transcends mere seating to deliver unparalleled comfort. With customisable dimensions, colors, and finishes, it stands as the zenith of tailored opulence.

3 – Large Contemporary Curved Lounge Sofa

Curved Lounge Sofa

The Large Contemporary Curved Lounge Sofa, crafted by the esteemed interior designer Mark Alexander, stands as a hallmark of modern luxury in Australian furniture design. Combining durable hardwood framing with plush foam cushioning, it offers superior comfort and style. This piece, customisable to any space, is complemented by optional matching ottomans and small lounge sofas, providing a cohesive design solution that emphasises both aesthetics and practicality.

4 – Grand Modernist Curved Sofa

Modernist Curved Sofa

The Grand Modernist Curved Sofa represents the pinnacle of luxury, transforming any living space with its majestic design and royal comfort. Its timber base, adorned in silver gilt leaf, complements the rich cobalt blue velvet upholstery, creating a statement of elegance and opulence. Customisable in every aspect, from dimensions to finishes, it promises not just a seating solution but a bespoke centerpiece that balances grandeur with the practical needs of living spaces.


Opting for the right curved sofa in 2024 can revolutionise your home, blending comfort, style, and practicality, while serving as a reflection of your taste and an efficient use of space. The finest curved sofas in Australia are distinguished by their superior quality, creative design, and adaptability, ensuring your living area is not only visually striking but also inviting. It’s vital to select a sofa that aligns with your specific needs and aesthetic preferences, recognising it as a significant investment in your home’s ambience and comfort. If the craftsmanship and elegance of these sofas have piqued your interest, exploring Mark Alexander’s collection could provide further inspiration. Whether seeking a standout piece or a comfortable addition to your space, getting in touch with interior designer Mark Alexander could be your next step towards creating a beautiful and relaxing home environment.

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