Luxury Furniture

Contemporary Angular Bar Stool

Bespoke Single Ended Chaise Lounge

Grand Solid Oak Parquetry Extension Table

Classic Luxury Chaise

Luxury Storage Ottoman

Luxury Bedroom Chaise Sofa

French Style Gold Gild Sofa

Available Now: French Parquetry Dining Table

Brisbane Mid Century Modern

Melbourne Mid Century Modern Interior

Adelaide Italianate Interior

Cartier Sydney Flagship Store

Melbourne Penthouse Interior

Mid Century Modern Sofa

Asymmetric Luxury Sofa

Art Deco Sofa

Contemporary Luxury Sofa

Large Contemporary Curved Lounge Sofa

Luxury Modern Parisian Chic Modular Sofa French Arm

Mirror Image Curved Sofas

Hollywood Glam Furniture Curved Modular

Bespoke Modern Sofa

Modern Curved Sofa II

Art Deco Sofa Curved Contemporary Style

Art Deco Rectangle Pool Table

Modern Curved Sofa

Curved Sofa Modern Art Deco

Curved Sofa With Ottoman

Australian Made Curved Modular Sofa

Modern Curved Sofa

Custom Curved Chaise Lounge II

Unique Curved Backrest Modular

Mid Century Modern Feature Console Table

Modern Curved Modular Sofa

Modern Contour Chaise Lounge II

Classic Modern Curved Sofa

Leather L-Shaped Modular Sofa

Small Contemporary Curved Lounge Sofa

Mid Century Modern Bed Ottoman

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Mid Century Modern Single Ended Chaise Lounge

Italianate Dining Table

Parquetry table with contrasting stain

Our Design Process

Custom Round Side Table with Unique Base

Custom Made Dining Table With Unique Base

Contrasting Oval Custom Parquetry table II

Large Australian Made Dining Table

Unique curved parquetry inlay table

Classic Walnut Parquetry Dining Table

Large Round Dining Table with Unique Base

Grand Triple Pedestal French Parquetry Table

Custom Contrasting Border Dining Table

Custom Inlay Parquetry Dining Table

Luxury Penthouse Coffee Table

Custom Round Parquetry Table

Custom dining table with unique pedestal base

Handcrafted Australian Oak Dining Table

Uniquely Designed Parquetry Dining Table

Large Parquetry dining Table

Handcrafted Oak Sideboard

Mid Century Modern Stepped Drawer

Large Custom Made Sideboard

Australian Made Credenza Sideboard

Custom Australian Made Sideboard

Mid Century Modern TV Cabinet

Custom Made Bar Cabinet

Modern Stepped Front Sideboard

Mid Century Modern Entertainment Unit

Modern Angled Door Sideboard

Ebony Wall Units

Art Deco Sideboard

Custom Made Library- American Oak Bookcase

Modern Sideboard

Custom Made Entertainment Unit

Grand Curved Wall Unit

Roman Pillar Bookcase

Velvet Sideboard

Modern Geometric Sideboard

Custom Hamptons Bookcase

French Arch Bookcase

Custom Made Luxury Sideboard

Custom Made Parquetry Sideboard

Bespoke Sideboard Black & European Oak

Contemporary Walnut Sideboard

Rosewood Tapered Leg Sideboard

Elegant White Bookcase

Bespoke Sideboard Stainless Steel Trim

Gable Roofline Inspired Custom Parquetry Table

Luxury Penthouse Custom Dining Table

Australian Made Large Custom Parquetry Dining Table

Custom Double Pedestal Base Parquetry Table

Contrasting Oval Custom Parquetry Table

Abstract Layered Custom Table Design

Custom Parquetry Table Contrast Inlay

Dark French Parquetry Dining Table

American Oak Sideboard

Deco Club Chairs Ebony & Leather

Luxury Penthouse Sideboard

Fluted Back Tub Chair

Neo Classic Sideboard

Mid Century Modern Curved Chair

Bespoke Open Backrest Chair

Brass Base Sideboard

Australian Made Parquetry Sideboard

Contemporary Occasional Chair

Links Custom Walnut Inlay Sideboard

Italian Leather Club Chair

Rolled Edge Arm Chair

Brass Sideboard

Large Arm Chairs 1.5 Seater

Tall Bar Cabinet

Mid Century Modern Angular High Back Chair

French Louis XV TV Unit

Unique Occasional Chair

MA-Art Modern Parquetry Sideboard

Art Deco Statue Sideboard

Low Back Arm Chair

European Style Bookcase

Swivel Tub Chair

Curved Art Deco Sideboard

Ebony & Brass Sideboard

Tall Back Feature Chairs

Corner Library Revolving Door

Bespoke Entertainment Unit

Grand Mahogany Library Office

Modern Metal Frame Chairs

Walnut Bookcases

Modern Arm Chair

Modern Diamond Sideboard

Roman Bookcase

Unique Turned Leg Armchair

Australian Made Sideboard Mesh Detail

Deco Ladies Tub

Parquetry Sideboard 3 Door

Hollywood Glam Style Tub Chairs

Custom Made Bookcase With Workstation

Geometric Sideboard

Fluted Feature Chairs

French Style Sideboard

Grand French Gilded Bookcases

Custom Luxury Furniture 28 Drawer Sideboard

Curved Back Feature Chairs & Ottomans

Grand Library Bookcases

Contemporary Glass Panel Bookcase

Modern Circular Swivel Chair

French Louis XV Commode

Oval Parquetry Dining Table

Wing Back Curved Sofa

Contrasting Border Parquetry Dining Table

Classic French Parquetry Dining Table

French Style Luxury Side Table

Links Double Pedestal Custom Parquetry Table

French Parquetry Double Pedestal Coffee Table

Australian Made Pedestal Column Round Table

Curved and Shaped Chaise Lounge

French Parquetry Dining Table With Single Pedestal

Contemporary Modern French Parquetry Table

Round Dining Table With Circular Base

Bespoke Champer’s Base Dining Table

Australian Made Bosse Timber Boardroom Table

Hand Crafted Boardroom luxury table

Modern Apartment Dining Table

Contemporary Hamptons Parquetry Table

Australian Made Twin Pedestal Parquetry Table

Elegant Oval Writing Desk

Bespoke Bed Head

Buttoned Arm Chair

Circular Base Console Table

Custom 2 Door TV Unit by Top Interior Designer

Wing Dining Chairs

Wingback Dining Chairs

Custom Round Console Table

Swivel Tub Chair

Bespoke Luxury Bed Head

Australian Made Desk Metal Base

Australian Made Sideboard

Art Deco Console Table Ball Detail

Turned Leg Desk

Luxurious Custom Made Bed Head

Australian Made Bespoke Dining Chairs

Luxury Curved Occasional Chairs

Curved Ebony & Stainless Sideboard

French Louis Style Desk And Chair

Empire Sideboard Marquetry Inlay

Square Wing Dining Chairs

Curved Feature Entrance Console

Upholstered Bed Head I

Art Deco Fluted Back Tub Chair

Mid Century Modern Dining Chair

Bespoke Parquetry Sideboard

Modern Deco Tub Chair

Modern Base Console Table

Luxury Rosewood Office Desk

Mid Century Modern Panelled Bed Head

Champagne & Marble Entrance Console

Spoon Back Dining Chairs

Modern Australian Made Swivel Tub Chairs

Pleated Luxury Bed Heads

Faux Book Partners Desk

Art Deco Bar Cabinet

Art Deco Breakfront Sideboard

Contrast Wing Dining Chair

Deco Maze Tub Chair

Four Poster Bed

Curved Base Console Table

European Classic Writing Desk

Australian Made Abstract Bed Head Panel

Custom Curved Console Table

Bespoke Luxury Dining Chairs & Feature Carvers

Modern Art Deco Curved Chairs

Large Art Deco Sideboard

Etched Metal Partners Desk

Cascading Back Feature Tub Chair

Custom Dining Chairs with Cut Out Back

Mahogany Sideboard

Bespoke Curved Custom Desk

Australian Made Hallway Console Tables

Contemporary Wing Bed

Art Deco Hoop Base Sideboard

Contemporary Angular Dining Chair

Custom Designed Entrance Table

Partners Desk With Leather Top

Mid Century Modern Queen Bed

Australian Made Feature Swivel Chairs

Grand French Office Desk

Wing Back Dining Chairs

Bespoke Art Deco Wing Bed

Buttoned Tub Chair

Art Deco Mahogany Sideboard

Contemporary Deco Bookcase

Australian Made Modern Entrance Table

Bespoke Reception Desk

French Louis XV Tub Chair

Art Deco Sleigh Bed

Rosewood Tapered Leg Console

Bespoke Serpentine Sideboard Vanity

Custom Made Dining Chairs

French Corner Chair

Australian Made Console Table

Hollywood Glam Deco Dining Chairs

Classic Leather Bed Head

British Colonial Inspired Desk Design

Sectional Shelving Unit

Hand Carved Feature Silver Sideboard

Solid Oak Sofa Table

Bespoke Deco Bed

Luxury Library Design- 4 Door Bookcase

Tapered Leg Desk Black & White

French Serpentine Buffet

French Chair Gold Gild

French Inspired Dining Chairs & Carvers

Scroll Arm Dining Chairs

Wing Bed Black & Gold

Bespoke 4 Door Sideboard

French Style Bergere Chair

French Writing Desk

Glass Door Bookcase

Curved Base Oak Console Table

French Style Extension Desk

Art Deco Rounded Corner Sideboard

Oval Back Dining Chairs

European Style Master Bed

Occasional Chair with Ottoman

Dark Contemporary Console Table

Contemporary Art Deco Console Table

Modern Art Deco Sideboard

Mahogany Partners Desk

Hand Carved Feature Bedhead

Custom Made French Bookcase

Rolled Back Arm Chair

Contemporary Square Wingback Chair

Custom Designed Desk with Return

Grand Victorian Bookcase

Upholstered and Carved Timber Bedhead

French Louis Tub Chair & Ottoman

Diamond Buttoned Dining Chair

Custom Feature Sideboard With Unique Inlay

2 Leg Hall Table

Bespoke Curved Front Desk

Metal Etched Inlay Sideboard

Buttoned Back Arm Chair

Bespoke Console Table

Bespoke Wingback Dining Chairs

French Style Bed

Oak Parquetry Sideboard

Patterned Wing Back Dining Chairs

Custom Entrance Console

Bespoke Writing Desk

French Louis XV Occasional Chair

Luxurious French Style Bedroom Suite

Decorative French Commode

Modern Wingback Dining Chair

Executive Office Desk

Bespoke French Bed Head

Contemporary Console Table

French Louis XV Love Seat

Oak & Walnut Custom Parquetry Table

Australian Made Custom Round Table

Hand Crafted Oak Parquetry Table

Georgian Style Parquetry Table

Custom Made French Round Table

Copper & Brass Coffee Table

Round Spiral Dining Table

Australian Parquetry Coffee Table Twin Base

Australian Parquetry Table Twin Base

Bespoke Federation Art Nouveau Dining Table

Australian Made Sofa Custom Legs

Parquetry Dining Table Australian Made

Modern Angled Coffee Table

Bespoke Contemporary Sofa With Contrast Piping

Hamptons Sofas Custom Made

Bespoke Dining Table With Unique Base

Custom Tapered Leg Table

Custom Designed French Table

Italian Gold Gild Sofa

Pair Of Curved Chaise Sofas

Luxury Mirror Dresser

Shaped Wingback Arm Chairs

Contemporary Writing Desk

Art Deco Ebony Console Table

Delicate 3 Drawer Bedside

Bespoke Panelled Bed Head

Chesterfield Tub Chair

Wingback Dining Chair Arch Top

Wing Bed Head

Silver French Louis XV Bergere

Bespoke Wingback Chair

Hoop Base Console Table

Modern Desk Ebony & Metal

Open Back Dining Chairs

3 Drawer Rococo Bedside

Custom Round Bedside Tables

Bespoke Entrance Console

Curved Back Dining Chair Ring Pull

Mid Century Modern Bedside Cabinet

Contemporary Writing Desk

Upholstered Wing Chair

Abstract Panel Bed Head

Oval Chest Velvet & Marble

French Louis XV Feature Chair

Modern Entrance Table Gold Highlights

Bespoke Gold Sideboard

Square Buttoned Feature Chairs

Elegant French Inspired Dining Chairs

Mid Century Modern Feature Wingback Chair

Desk & Bookcase Hutch

Gold Gild Dressing Table

Modern Angled Bedside

Hexagon Bed Head

Modern Panel Bed Head

Champagne Gild French Chairs

Modern Wingback Chair

Art Deco Desk

Empire Sideboard

Art Deco Ebony & Marble Console Table

Bespoke Carver Dining Chairs

4 Drawer Oval Chest

Modern Bedside

French Louis XV Wingback chair

Custom Art Deco Ebony & Marble Console

French Louis XVI Chest

African Jungle Cabinet

Custom Made Bedside Tables

Victorian Partners Desk

Regency Style Bedroom

French Louis XV Bergeres

Spoon Back Dining Chairs

French Style Cabinets

Serpentine Partners Desk

Gentlemen’s Wing Chair

Chesterfield Tub Chair & Ottoman

Bespoke Upholstered Bed Head

Victorian Mahogany Chest

Modern Console Table Angled Base

Timeless & Elegant Dining Chairs

Elegant Curved Leg Bedside

Art Deco Bed Head

Oval Office Desk

Grand Empire Sideboard

Walnut Frame Wing Chair

Regency Empire Arm Chair

3 Drawer French Chest

Modern Console Table with Unique Base

Roll Top Dining Chairs

Oval Bedside Velvet & Marble

Classic Round Table

Luxury Tub Chair

Neo Classic Sideboard

King William Wingback Chair

Silver Stud Bed Head

Modern Desk Square Detail

Luxury Interior Designer 2 Drawer French Chest

Oval Back Dining Chairs

Luxury Art Deco Furniture 2 Drawer Bedside

Art Deco Polished Frame Tub Chair

Black & Silver Contemporary Console

3 Drawer Solid Timber Bedside

Upholstered Wing Chair

Metal Etched Sideboard

French XV Upholstered Bed Head & Foot

Regency 3 Drawer Chest

Shaped Back Dining Chairs

Mahogany U-Shaped Desk

Rosewood Deco Bedside

Contemporary Office Desk

Hand Painted Sideboard

French Louis XVI Wingback chair

Bespoke Bed Head & Base

Circular Base Console Table

French Louis XV Tallboy

Australian Made French Armchair & Ottoman

Bespoke Carver Arm Chairs

2 Drawer Oval Bedside

Chesterfield Wingback chair

Bespoke Modern Dining Chairs

Bespoke Mahogany Bookcases

Polished Frame Occasional Chair

Art Deco Inspired Bed

French Georgian Console Table

Italian Rococo Bombe Chest

Silver Glass Panel Feature Cabinet

Bespoke Executive Desk

Custom Designed Solid Timber Bookcase

Mahogany Pedestal Desk

Library Wing Chair

Mirrored Sideboard

Bespoke Art Deco Bed Head

French Louis 2 Drawer Chest

Luxury Mirror Bedsides

Art Deco Slipper Chair

Black & Gold Round Entrance Table

Australian Made French Dining Chairs

Custom British Colonial Inspired Desk

Modern Polished Frame Tub Chair

Architectural Painted Drawers

Bespoke Wingback Chair

Art Deco Burl Walnut Chest

Mid Century Modern Master Bedroom Bedside Table

Grand Entrance Table & Mirror

Luxury Diamond Bedhead

Bespoke Dining Chairs

Grand English Wingback Chair

Serpentine Sideboard

French Style Dining Chairs

Tapered Leg Writing Desk

Bespoke Art Deco Bed Head

Art Deco Metal Hoop Base Console

European Style Bedside

3 Drawer Gold Chest

Art Deco Tub Chair Fluted Back

European Style Chest

Luxury Furniture Australia 2 Door Empire Cabinet

French Writing Desk

Bespoke Wing Chairs Claw Feet

Custom Timber Bedside Tables

Square Pillar Shelving

Art Deco Upholstered Bed Head

Bespoke Curved Console Table

Ladies Parlour Chair

Australian Made Dining Chairs

Curved Shape Dining Chairs

Tall Wingback Chairs Buttoned Back

Grand Walnut Entrance Console Table

Modern Square Tub Chair

Panelled Bed Head

Chest of Nine Drawers

Luxurious French Style Chest of Drawers

Contemporary Mirror Bedside Tables

Rosewood Desk & Bookcase Hutch

Sir Llyod Wingback Chair

Curved Feature Chairs

Grand Marble Top Console Table

Ebony Library Secret Door

Italianate Dining Chair

6 Drawer French Chest

Contemporary Buttoned Bedhead

Writing Bureau

French Sideboard Brass & Black

Tapered Leg Front Bedside

Bespoke Empire Bookcase

French Louis XVI Dining Chairs

French Louis XVI Occasional Chairs

French Louis XV Bedside

French Style Commode

French Louis XV Walnut Wing Chairs

Georgian Partners Desk

Etched Metal Console Table

Bespoke Bombe Chest 9 Drawer

Luxury French Venetian Inspired Bed

Marble Top and Timber Carved Console Table

Bespoke Dining Chairs

Art Deco Hoop Base

Australian Made Occasional Chair Custom Legs

French Inspired Luxury Bedside Tables

French Style Curved Sideboard

French Style Bed Walnut Frame

6 Drawer Pegasus Chest

Georgian U-Shaped Desk