Mark Alexander – Interior Designer & Creative Genius


Established in 1981.

From an early age Mark Alexander displayed a natural talent for art, style, drawing and woodwork. He excelled in his French Polishing and furniture manufacturing training – regularly earning top honours for his original and detailed woodwork. He went on to manage a busy manufacturing factory of 25 tradesmen, before setting up his own furniture and interior design studio at just 20 years of age!

2004 – present: Mark Alexander Design. Design studio and headquarters, formerly Timeless Interiors.

An extraordinary interior concept showroom and design studio exists in picturesque and heritage regional center, Ballarat, Victoria. A creative place to work, dream and to be inspired. Curated rooms of various European styles are constantly evolving, showcasing across 3 levels in this heritage 1854 Gold-rush bank building, a magnificent example of Victorian, Italianate architecture.

From this creative headquarters, Mark and his design team consult with clients and their luxury homes Australia wide. Mark works throughout Melbourne, interstate and internationally as required.

1987 to 2004: Timeless Timber Gallery. Renowned as a go-to destination for clients looking for quality furniture and interiors. Mark designed, manufactured and sold quality timber furniture, creating a wonderful artistic experience within his gallery.

1981 – 1986: Furniture Designer, Maker and French Polisher. An award winning background in quality craftsmanship and French polishing lead Mark to start his own business after receiving recognition for quality.

Mark Alexander is one of Australia’s most established interior designers and the creative force behind Mark Alexander Design Artistry, delivering high-end design services in Australia and around the world.

Producing highly personalised, well-considered and luxurious interiors, Mark Alexander puts the need of his clients first and never compromises on workmanship or materials. He is besotted with creating the most sophisticated and memorable interiors that express and enhance each individual’s unique personality and style, while complimenting their lifestyle and home architecture.

An interior from Mark Alexander is an artistic pursuit, created in close collaboration with each client to completely understand their vision, personality and style, and to provide the best interior design and décor services, solutions and advice. Every element is exclusively designed to meet the client’s individual needs and expectations and close attention is paid to every intricate detail.

No project or request is too difficult, too big or too small. Anything is possible with Mark Alexander – the only limitation is imagination!


At Mark Alexander Design Artistry, interior design is far more than just selecting and placing furniture and décor – it’s a true artform, a way of living, thinking and breathing!

Interior design is a personal statement and reflection of the self, that requires finding the right inspiration, character, ambiance and mood while also meeting functional and environmental factors. It is a delicate art requiring attention to detail, a discerning eye and creative passion.

“Artistry is controlling of the dramatic,
releasing into a reflection of itself,
charming it into the joys and wealth of


Mark Alexander – Interior Designer & Furniture Maker

Mark Alexander – Interior Designer & Furniture Maker

Mark Alexander Design Artistry is a luxury interior design studio offering a complete range of professional design services, under the direction of Australia’s best interior designers Mark Alexander, a highly respected and talented artist with 30 years of experience delivering high-end interiors and handcrafted furniture for both residential and commercial projects in Melbourne, Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane and Sydney.

Mark Alexander combines style, creativity, functionality, and an established background in luxury furniture production to deliver highly customised, confident and sophisticated living spaces, in a variety of classic, contemporary and modern styles.

Interior Design Process and Services Available

Introductory Consultation

If your initial interior design consultation happens in our office, we follow it with an introductory in-home or office consultation, which allows us to form a deeper understanding of you and your lifestyle. An in-depth discussion follows; an opportunity for us to explore your ideas, your vision, and your expectations for your home or office. Finally, a personal survey of the space allows us to begin formulating timeframes and budgets, which we will discuss with you before leaving to begin compiling a detailed proposal that itemises every aspect of the project, along with a refined cost estimate for you to review and approve.

Planning and Artistry

The full creative and artistic genius of Mark Alexander is triggered by your acceptance of the design proposal, leading to hand-drawn concept sketches, along with examples of finishes and fabrics for each concept. Detailed project plans and schedules accompany this stage, and you are encouraged to collaborate and provide feedback at every stage as concepts are refined, and other aspects of the design project begin. We strive for absolute perfection on every project we work on, regardless of how big or small it is, but your involvement also ensures your ultimate satisfaction with every component of your design project. The first two stages in our design process involve some or all of the following steps:

  • Consultation with you on architect plans for both new builds and renovations of existing spaces.
  • Planning a complete design and furnishing of a new build.
  • Extraordinary kitchen and bathroom designs.
  • Expert advice and personal consultation on all interior selections and finishes.
  • Detailed project schedules and plans.
  • Hand-drawn concept sketches that are refined into to scale floorplan designs and layouts, supported by 2D elevation drawings and 3D interior renderings.

Production Phase

Mark Alexander’s hand-drawn concepts are refined before they are transformed from flat image to fully realised and tangible creations. The local and international craftsmen that manufacture all of your furniture are all masters in their trade, but Mark Alexander still personally manages all stages of manufacturing, along with carrying out critical quality control checks to ensure all specifications are correct. Progress photos and regular updates will be shared with you not only to ensure you are always briefed on the work but allowing you to collaborate and remain fully involved at all stages.

The production phase of your interior design project includes the following steps:

  •  Hand-sketched one-of-a-kind concepts are transformed into bespoke, luxury furniture pieces, unique to each project.
  • The selection and use of high-quality solid timbers such as oak, walnut, mahogany, and European beech, along with exotic veneers like flame mahogany, burl walnut, and striking Macassar ebony.
  • The finest artisans’ handcraft and hand carve our custom-made pieces, which can be gilded or polished in any colour finish or style.
  • Final details include your selection of fabrics, with ranges from prestigious international and Australian fabric houses, and metal details in a variety of finishes from traditional brass, bronze, copper, and gold, through to reflective chrome and stainless steel.

Delivery and Fit Out

Mark Alexander’s vision becomes even more tangible in the final stage of your project. Following a final inspection of the finished product(s), delivery is coordinated so that the placement, fit out, and final styling of all the elements can happen, allowing you to enjoy and share your new pieces with family and friends. Preparations for the fit out, interior finishes, and decor begin and continue throughout the production phase, and could include:

  • Expertly painted finishes, preparation of padded walls and wall panelling, and the hanging of wallpaper, all using the finest materials and methods possible.
  • The making of classic and luxury window treatments such as curtains, drapery, decorative pelmets, and tiebacks.
  • Bespoke accents including fireplaces, artwork, mirrors, rugs, carpeting, and timber, parquet, tiled, or marbled floors.
  • Custom designed and made lighting from ceiling lights to lamps and wall sconces.
  • Full consultation followed by the sourcing and supply of accessories and finishing items.

Mark Alexander Interior Design in made up of a team with more than 30 years of experience planning, designing, and delivering luxury interiors and fine, handcrafted furniture to both residential and commercial clients throughout Australia and overseas. For Mark Alexander and his team, nothing matters more than creating sophisticated spaces that are a true representation of each client and deliver a custom, sensorial experience. We never view any project as too complex or too simple, too big, or too small, whether we are creating a single bespoke piece of furniture, or working on every aspect of a fine interior.

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