Timeless French Elegance

Add an elegant touch of French luxury to your home, with the ambiance and grandeur of the Palace of Versailles in mind. The grand yet calming ambiance is perfect for entertaining and showcases a high appreciation for the old and new French styles.

Stunning French Artistry

The home is inspired by the serene elegance and power but controlled emotion. Detail and sophistication of the French Versailles Chaetae, Marie Antoinette and Napolean era. The interior has grand presence yet calmness and elegance , like you are walking into the clouds of tranquility and happiness, with furniture to match. – Mark Alexander

MA Private Residence

Mark Alexander has personally designed and built this gorgeous room within a stunning heritage building that he calls home. His private residence pays homage to the amazing 1854 architectural features with inspiration from classic European design highlighted through-out. This gorgeous French Italianate design focuses on the fine details of the established building while creating a grand sense of space and sophistication.

Custom Made Luxury

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