From Beach House to City Apartment: How to Incorporate a Hamptons Style Sofa Into Any Setting

The Hamptons style, which originates from the communities of Long Island, embodies sophistication, relaxation, and a strong bond with nature. It is characterised by airy colour schemes, natural materials, and a fusion of elegance with comfort. This style is highly valued not only for its enduring charm but also for its ability to establish tranquil and welcoming environments. Central to this aesthetic is the Hamptons style sofa, renowned for its versatility and ability to bring serenity to different types of interiors. It has become a common choice in both modern and classic homes.

Setting the Scene in a Beach House

In a beach house setting, a Hamptons style sofa serves as the perfect anchor for the living space. It complements the interior by echoing the tranquillity of the seaside through its design and comfort. To enhance the ambience, match the sofa with blues, gentle whites, and sandy neutrals in your colour scheme. Adding textures like linen, jute, and driftwood along with coastal-themed decor can enhance the beach house aesthetic, establishing a link between your home and the natural allure of seaside living.

Transitioning to a City Apartment

The transition of a beach-inspired piece like the Hamptons style sofa into an urban decor can pose a challenge, but it’s far from impossible. The key to blending the Hamptons style with city apartment aesthetics lies in maintaining a balance. Use the sofa as a statement piece and build your urban oasis around it with muted colours, sleek lines, and modern accessories. This approach can create a refreshing contrast that breathes life and sophistication into the urban space, making your apartment a serene retreat in the heart of the city.


The Hamptons style sofa embodies versatility and charm, making it a cherished piece for any home. Its ability to adapt to various settings, from coastal retreats to urban apartments, underscores its appeal. We encourage you to embrace this timeless piece, regardless of your home’s location or style. Let it inspire your interior design journey, adding a touch of coastal elegance to your living space.

For those looking to delve deeper into transforming their homes with a Hamptons style sofa or any other design inquiries, consider booking a consultation with interior designer Mark Alexander.

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