Accessories & Layering

Mark Alexander Design provides a personal and collaborative process, where each detail is thoughtfully planned and considered. Upon completing bespoke furniture, floor rugs, curtains and wallpaper, we often have many clients return to us to finish off their interiors by adding layering elements and accessories. Creating a beautiful depth of character and finished home interior.

Personal Design Details

As the design process here at Mark Alexander is unique and personal to each client this allows Mark to continually design new and original pieces of work that are directly inspired by the client and their home. Mark can then create a magnificent depth of character and interest to each interior and layer the space with style, design and unique beauty.

Beautiful Glassware

Lovely refined elegance with Contemporary Georgian influence is showcased throughout the beautifully detailed custom furniture pieces which have been exclusively designed by Mark Alexander. The Contemporary lifestyle shines through with touches of accessories and glassware pieces which highlight the liveable comfort of the interiors.

Custom Artwork

Exclusive hand-painted artworks available from Mark Alexander Design. Fully custom made to suit any room or space and finished to an exquisite standard. Each painting is a thoughtfully considered piece that compliments and enhances the interior design scheme.

Detailed Bespoke Upholstery

Beautifully detailed and custom designed upholstery, available exclusively from Mark Alexander. Richly layered in details and textures, resulting in a truly uncompromising result. Custom designed and made to order to unique dimensions, colours and finishes.

Luxury Mirrors

Exquisite mirror designs, individually made to suit your every requirement in terms of dimensions, style, colour and finish. Create a grand statement or finish off a beautiful room with our unique mirrors, designed to compliment and balance within the space perfectly.

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