Georgian Inspired Design

A stunning Georgian style home is the perfect inspiration for Mark to create simply gorgeous custom furniture. Each piece has been directly inspired by the existing architectural details and features of the home, creating a breathtaking and unique interior.

Hand Crafted Artistry

Every fine detail is carefully and deeply considered by Mark and his design team, each project goes through a meticulous design process to ensure only the best results. Mark’s custom designed and made furniture pieces are personal to the client and their home, adding character and intimacy to any space.

Custom Designed & Made

Working intimately alongside Mark Alexander and his dedicated design team, you will create stunning custom designed and made furniture to your home. Whether it be a single statement item or a complete room fit out, mark will work personally with you to create your unique vision.

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Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Bar Stool


Partridge Round Bar


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